Griffith University

Alex Sykes

Name: Alex Sykes
Position: Research Assistant
Research Area: Discovery Biology
Qualifications: PhD

Biography: Alex obtained his PhD in 2007 in parasitology under the supervision of James McCarthy (QIMR/UQ). As a postdoctoral fellow he joined the Neural Cell Survival laboratory at The Queensland Brain Institute – University of Queensland (QBI) under the supervision of Elizabeth Coulson (2007-2010) where he began research into the roles of neuotrophin receptors and their involvement in Alzheimer’s disease. He then joined the laboratory of Wieland Huttner in Dresden, Germany (2010-2018) where he investigated neural stem cell progenitors and genetic causes of photoreceptor degeneration. More recently he joined the Mellick (2018-) laboratory at GRIDD where he developed assays to: (1) stratify cells collected from Parkinson’s disease (PD) patients using both cytological profiling and cellular stresses and (2) Investigate genetic links to PD. He has many years’ experience in cell and molecular biology using immortalised cells, primary cells and in vivo models and has a strong passion for unravelling the genetic causes of neurodegenerative diseases. He has recently joined Discovery Biology, assisting across multiple projects.