Griffith University

Camille Mucha

Name: Camille Mucha
Position: PhD Student
Research Area: Ovarian Cancer
Qualifications: BSc (Hons)

Biography: Camille obtained her Bachelor of Science (Honours) from La Trobe University in 2015. Her honours project focused on determining whether ligand-dependent signalling occurred at the β2-adrenoceptor in skeletal muscle in an attempt to find a treatment for skeletal muscle atrophy. In 2017, she moved to Queensland to join Professor Vicky Avery’s Discovery Biology group as a PhD student. Her research focuses on investigating the factors which influence ovarian cancer cell growth in both 2D and 3D cell culture and the impact this has on identifying new therapeutics.

Discovery Biology:


2017: Griffith University Research Training Program (RTP) Postgraduate Scholarship