Griffith University

Mahreen Rasheed

Name: Mahreen Rasheed
Position: PhD Student
Research Area: Trypanosomes
Qualifications: BSc (Hons), M.Phil

Biography: Mahreen completed her Bachelor of Science with Honours in Chemistry from Government College University Lahore, Pakistan in 2010. She completed her Masters of Philosophy (M.Phil) in Biochemistry from The University of Lahore, Pakistan in 2013. Her work was related to analysing the effects of drugs in hypertensive patients. Her research focussed on dynamic changes in insulin levels and liver functions due to the use of one beta-blocker drug alone and in combination with other drugs in hypertensive patients. Mahreen joined the Discovery Biology group as a PhD student in the trypanosomiasis drug discovery group. Her project focuses on identifying compounds from Australian biota that have activity against T.brucei spp parasites, the aetiological agents of human African trypanosomiasis (HAT).