Griffith University

Todd Shelper

Name: Todd Shelper
Position: Research Fellow
Research Area: Leishamania
Qualifications: BAppSci, MBiotech, PhD

Biography: Todd completed his degree in 2001 at QUT and Masters of Biotechnology at UQ in 2005. He undertook his Masters research in the cell cycle laboratory at the Diamantina Institute, investigating the mechanisms behind histone deacetylase inhibitors. During his academic studies, Todd worked in a chemical manufacturing company for 7 years. In 2008 he joined the Discovery Biology team as a research assistant, working on commercial high throughput screening projects. He completed his PhD in November 2014, focusing on the development of more biologically relevant pancreatic cancer cell 3D models for use in anti-cancer drug discovery programs. Todd is currently working on establishing a high content imaging based assay for screening compounds against the Leishmania parasite.

Discovery Biology:


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Travel award – Tony B Academic Travel award (SLAS, 2016)

Travel award – HCS (RNAi, 2015)

Travel Award – CTx (Australian High Content Screening and RNAi Group meeting, 2013)

APA PhD Scholarship (2011-2014)

Eskitis PhD Top-up Scholarship (2011-2014)

Travel Award – CRC CTx (AHCSM, 2012)

Travel Award – Griffith Travel Scholarship (ISRF, 2012)


The Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS); (San Diego, USA, 2016) – Poster

Australian High content Screening and RNAi Group meeting (Melbourne, 2015) – Presentation

10th Annual High-Content Analysis Meeting (San Francisco, USA, 2013) – Presentation

Australian High content Screening and RNAi Group meeting (Melbourne, 2013) – Presentation

Australian Pancreatic Club Annual Scientific Meeting (Melbourne, 2013) – Presentation

International Student Research Forum (Gold Coast, 2013) – Session Chair/Committee Member

9th Annual High-Content Analysis Meeting (San Francisco, USA, 2012)

24th Lorne Cancer Conference (Lorne, Australia, 2012) – Poster

ASMR Queensland Postgraduate Student Conference (Brisbane, Australia, 2012) – Poster

6th Australian High Content Screening Group Meeting  (Melbourne, Australia, 2012)

International Student Research Forum (Omaha, USA, 2012) – Presentation

14th International Biennial Conference on Metastasis Research (Brisbane, Australia, 2012)

Brisbane Cell and Developmental Biology Meeting (Brisbane, Australia, 2012)