Griffith University

Catalina Carrasco Pozo

Name: Catalina Carrasco Pozo
Position: Visiting Research Fellow
Research Area: Cancer Drug Discovery
Qualifications: Pharmaceutical Chemist (BSc (Hons), Pharmacology, PhD

Biography: Catalina graduated in 2005 as a Pharmaceutical Chemist (equivalent to BSc. Hons) from the University of Chile, Chile. In 2010, Catalina completed her PhD in Pharmacology at the University of Chile, Chile and was awarded a Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Fondecyt, Chile) for 3 years. She developed her postdoctoral research in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile, Chile; INRA/AgroParisTech, France and The University of Queensland, Australia. Since 2013 to 2017, Catalina held an academic position of Assistant Professor at the University of Chile and as Visiting Academic at The University of Queensland. During this period her research focus included oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, bioenergetics, inflammation, apoptosis and cell viability. Catalina joined the Discovery Biology team in April 2017 as part of the Cancer Therapeutics initiative. In 2021, she was awarded the Tour de Cure Prevention Grant and currently, she is a visiting Research Fellow.

Discovery Biology


Carrasco-Pozo C, Tan KN and Avery VM. Hemin Prevents Increased Glycolysis in Macrophages upon Activation: Protection by Microbiota-Derived Metabolites of Polyphenols. Antioxidants. 2020; Nov 11; 9(11): E1109. IF: 4.5.

Tan KN, Avery VM and Carrasco-Pozo C. Metabolic Roles of Androgen Receptor and Tip60 in Androgen-Dependent Prostate Cancer. International Journal of Molecular Science. [Review] 2020; Sep 10; 21(18): E6622. IF: 4.183.

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Carrasco-Pozo C, Tan KN, Rodriguez T and Avery VM. The Molecular Effects of Sulforaphane and Capsaicin on Metabolism upon Androgen and Tip60 Activation of Androgen Receptor. International Journal of Molecular Science. 2019; Oct 29; 20(21): 5384. IF: 4.183.

Prizes, Awards, Recognition, Scholarships, Grants:

2021: Tour de Cure Prevention Grant, Australia
2020: Advance Queensland Women’s Research Assistance Program (WRAP) award, Australia
2019: CTx Travel support, Australia
2018: Acceptance and completion: Bridge Program, Australia
2018: Bursary Award Bridge Program. Australia from Queensland University of Technology, MTPConnect Project Fund Program, Australia
2018: Funding support for Bridge Program, Australia from GRIDD, Griffith University, Australia
2018: ECR Griffith Travel Grant, from GRIDD, Griffith University, Australia
2018: ECR Griffith Travel Grant, from Griffith University, Australia
2018: CTx Travel support, Australia
2018: CTx (CRC for Cancer Therapeutics) Recognition award for contribution to drug discovery programme licensed with Pfizer

Other: University of Chile & University of Queensland


*corresponding author

Carrasco-Pozo C*. Cires MJ, Gotteland G. Quercetin and epigallocatechingallate in the prevention and treatment of obesity: from molecular to clinical studies. Journal of Medicinal Food. 2019; May 14. doi: 10.1089/jmf.2018.0193

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Tan KN, Hood R, Warren K, Pepperall D, Carrasco-Pozo C, Manzanero S, Borges K, Spratt NJ. Heptanoate is neuroprotective in vitro but triheptanoin post-treatment did not protect against middle cerebral artery occlusion in rats. Neuroscience Letters. 2018; 683:207-214. IF:2.159

Andriamihaja M, Lan A, Beaumont M, Grauso M, Gotteland M, Pastene E, Cires MJ, Carrasco-Pozo C, Tomé D, Blachier F. Proanthocyanidin-containing polyphenol extracts from fruits prevent the inhibitory effect of hydrogen sulfide on human colonocyte oxygen consumption. Amino Acids. 2018; 50:755-763. IF:3.173

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Farías JG, Carrasco-Pozo C, Sepúlveda N, Álvarez P, Quezada M, Quiñones J, Short SE, Castillo RL. Polyunsaturated fatty acid induces cardioprotection against ischemia-reperfusion through the inhibition of NF-kappaB and induction of Nrf2. Experimental Biology and Medicine (Maywood). 2017; 242:1104-14. IF 2.542.

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Book Chapters:

Carrasco-Pozo C. Chapter 57 – Protection by Polyphenols Against Mitochondrial Damage and Cytotoxicity. Polyphenols in Human Health and Disease. Academic Press, Elsevier. Volume 1, 2014;1:731-46

Carrasco-Pozo C, Mizgier ML. Chapter 10 – Intestinal absorption and metabolism of dietary polyphenols and Vitamin C. Gastrointestinal Physiology and Nutrition. Nestle, Chile, 2013

Grants and Awards:   

FONDECYT REGULAR COMPETITION N°1171550, CHILE (2017-2020) “The use of a polyphenol-rich extract from Berberis microphylla (calafate) over obesity and diabetes development: an in vivo analysis of the mechanisms involved” Role: CIB. USD 300,000

FONDECYT INITIATON INTO RESEARCH N° 11130232, CHILE (2013 – 2017) “Molecular and cellular basis of the protective effect of quercetin and its microbial metabolite 3,4-dihydroxyphenylacetic acid against the pancreatic β-cell dysfunction induced by cholesterol. In vitro and in vivo studies”. Role: CIA. USD 170,000

SOCHINUT/NESTLE-GRANT, CHILE (2016-2017) “Absorption of polyphenols; effect of hypolactasia and administration of exogenous lactase, a clinical study”. Role: CIA. USD 6,000

ECOS/CONICYT (France-Chile collaboration) (2013-2016) “Protective effects of proanthocyanidins and of their bacterial metabolites on human colonic epithelial cells exposed to H2S and p-cresol”. Role: Associate Investigator USD 14,000

FONDECYT REGULAR COMPETITION N°1120290, CHILE (2012-2016) “Reduction of fat absorption, and low grade endotoxinemia Inflammation by dietary proanthocyanidins as a strategy for the prevention of metabolic syndrome and its complications – An in vitro, animal and human study”. Role: CIB USD 300,000

FONDECYT POSTDOCTORATE FELLOWSHIP N° 3110177, CHILE (2010-2013) “Evaluation of the gastro-protective effect of dietary polyphenols against mitochondrial, cellular, inflammatory and functional damage induced by indomethacin in the gastrointestinal tract”. USD 90,000

Prizes, Awards, Recognition, Scholarships:

2016: Henry Nestle Award, Nestle, Chile.
2017: Recognition Award – Top 6% Publication productivity of University of Chile
2015: Research Award “Universia Santander” ECR-Team Category, Chile (USD 30,000)
2010: Stekel Scholarship, Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology, University of Chile
2010: PhD scholarship extension, National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research, CONICYT, Chile
2006-2009: PhD Scholarship, National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research, CONICYT, Chile
1999 – 2004: Academic Excellence Award “President of the Republic of Chile”, Chilean Government