Griffith University

Aaron Lock

Name: Aaron Lock
Position: Research Assistant
Research Area: CTx
Qualifications: B. App. Sci (Lab Medicine) (Hons)

Biography: As a member of the CTx initiative, Aaron is involved in the development and optimisation of a range of isolated target molecule- and cell-based in vitro bioassays relating to specific cancer types. These bioassays are used to screen a library of >250, 000 drug-like compounds in order to identify potential cancer therapeutics. Following on from this, Aaron also investigates downstream targets for specific cancer signalling pathways, as a means of identifying drug inhibitor modes of action.

Discovery Biology


Kaemmerer E, Rodriguez Garzon T, Lock A, Lovitt C and Avery VM. Innovative in vitro models for breast cancer drug discovery. Drug Discovery Today: Disease Models. [Invited review] 2017 March 18; 21: 11-16.

Stevenson G, Yong S, Fechner G, Neve J, Lock A and Avery VM. Solid-Phase Synthesis of Biotin-S-Farnesyl-L-Cysteine, a surrogate substrate for Isoprenylcysteine Carboxylmethyltransferase (ICMT). Bioorg Medicinal Chemistry Letters. 2013 Oct 15; 23(20): 5671-5673.


Brisbane Immunotherapy (Brisbane, Australia, 2019)

SIMM Symposium (Brisbane, Australia, 2019)

Drug Discovery & Development in Oncology Symposium (Melbourne, Australia, 2019)

Advances in Cancer Drug Discovery and Development Symposium (Melbourne, Australia, 2018)

Brisbane Cancer Conference (Brisbane, Australia, 2016)

Queensland EMT Symposium (Brisbane, Australia, 2015)

Brisbane Cancer Conference (Brisbane, Australia, 2015)

Brisbane Cell and Developmental Biology Meeting (Brisbane, Australia, 2014)

25th Lorne Cancer Conference (Lorne, Australia, 2013) Poster: Small molecule inhibitors of ICMT as potential cancer therapeutics.

24th Lorne Cancer Conference (Lorne, Australia, 2012)


Cancer Therapeutics CRC (CTx) Gold Award (2018)

Griffith University Research Health and Safety Initiative Award (2013)