Griffith University

Tayner Rodriquez

Name: Tayner Rodriguez
Position: Research Fellow
Research Area: Cancer
Qualifications: BSc (Hons), DipBiotech, PhD

Biography: Tayner completed his undergraduate degree in Bogota, Columbia, majoring in Marine Biology. In 2003 he moved to Australia, with a goal to become involved in medical research. He first completed a Diploma of Technology at the Southbank Institute of Technology, before undertaking a PhD in Molecular Genetics at Griffith University. His project investigated the evolution of genetic lineages using molecular genetic markers in fish. Tayner joined the cancer  research group of Discovery Biology in 2009, initially investigating prostate cancer pathways. He is a part of the CTx team, performing cell based assays, which give abundant information with regards to cytotoxicity associated with candidate anti-cancer compounds. Tayner is focused on real-time analysis of cell proliferation, based on fluorescent read-outs that produce highly reliable growth kinetic data.

Discovery Biology


Kaemmerer E, Rodriguez Garzon T, Lock A, Lovitt C and Avery VM. Innovative in vitro models for breast cancer drug discovery. Drug Discovery Today: Disease Models. [Invited review] 2017 March 18; 21: 11-16.