Griffith University


Molecular Approaches to Malaria Conference (MAM) 2020 (Lorne, Victoria, Australia)

Duffy-In vitro susceptibility of K13 mutant Plasmodium falciparum isolates to DHA

ASTMH 68th Annual Meeting 2019 (National Harbor, Maryland, USA)

Duffy-In vitro oxygen concentration alters PfK13 mutant Plasmodium falciparum sensitivity to DHA

The Australian Society for Parasitology 2019 (Adelaide, South Australia, Australia)

Zulfiqar-Cyclopental quinolin-9-amines as potent inhibitors of Leishmania donovani, and Leishmania infantum causative agents of Old and New Worlds visceral leishmanias

Mechanisms to Therapies: Innovations in Cancer Metabolism 2018 (Bilbao, Spain)

Carrasco-Pozo-Effects of androgen stimulus on glycolytic enzyme activity and anti-apoptosis in LNCap cells

First Malaria World Congress 2018 (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

Duffy-Activity characterization and classification of anti-plasmodial compounds

The Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening 2018 (San Diego, USA)

Kaemmerer-A biochemical and cell-based screening approach to identify new RET kinase inhibitors

Perera-Effect of Focal Adhesion Kinase inhibitors on Triple Negative Breast Cancer in the presence and absence of Extracellular Matrix

Solutions for Drug Resistant Infection (SDRI) 2017 (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Duffy-Open Source Drug Discovery Profiling of the Pathogen box

29th Lorne Cancer Conference 2017 (Lorne, Victoria, Australia)

Xiong-Defining the Relationship between RET Receptor Tyrosine Kinase and Cancer Biomarkers

International Congress for Tropical Medicine and Malaria 2016 (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Duffy_High throughput screening of an asexually naive small molecule library against late stage Plasmodium falciparum gametocytes

Molecular Approaches to Malaria Conference 2016 (Lorne, Victoria, Australia)

Duffy_Continuous culture conditions impact on Plasmodium falciparum intra-erythrocytic cell cycle duration and parasite age sensitivity to Artemisinin

The Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening 2016 (San Diego, USA)

Shelper_Miniaturised 3D Pancreatic Cancer Assay for Drug Discovery

28th Lorne Cancer Conference 2016 (Lorne, Victoria, Australia)

Perera_Automated evaluation of anti-cancer activity in advanced tumor models

Sao Paulo School of Advanced Science on Neglected Diseases Drug Discovery- focus on Kinetoplastids 2015 (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Zulfiqar-Development of a promastigote resazurin based viability assay in 384-well format for high throughput screening of Leishmania donovani DD8.

Biology of Cancer: Microenvironment, Metastasis & Therapeutics Conference 2015 (Cold Spring Harbour, USA)

Windus_Brone-stromal cells up-regulate tumourigenic markers in a tumour-stromal 3D model of prostate cancer

The Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening 2015 (Washington DC, USA)

Jones-The Development of a Clinically Relevant, High-Throughput, High-Content Imaging Assay for Leishmania

Challenges in Malaria Research 2014 (Oxford, UK)

Fletcher-Discovery of chemically diverse compounds targeting the Plasmodium falciparum coenzyme A pathway

ASP 50th Anniversary Conference 2014 (Canberra, Australia)

Sykes-Ciclopirox olamine with activity against Trypanosoma cruzi in vitro mechanism of action and combination studies

Malaria in Melbourne 2013 (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

Holleran – Transmission Blocking Drug Screening Assay Development Based on the ability of Plasmodium falciparum Gametocytes to cross a spleen-like device

WAAVP 2013 (Peth, Western Australia, Australia)

Sykes- Profiling Compound Activity Against the Life Cycle Stages of T.Cruzi

Lorne Cancer Conference 2013 (Lorne, Victoria, Australia)

Lock- Small Molecule Inhibitors of ICMT as Potential Cancer Therapeutics

Glover- Co-Culturing Prostate Cancer with Bone Stromal Cells: a Reciprocal Interaction

Windus- In vivo biomarker expression patterns are preserved in 3D cultures of Prostate Cancer

ASMR Queensland Postgraduate Student Conference 2012 (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Shelper- Evaluating anticancer agents in a 3D pancreatic cell culture model

Keystone symposia- Drug Discovery for Protozoan Parasites 2012 (Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA)

Sykes- A 384-well imaging assay for Trypanosoma cruzi infected 3T3 cells: determination of compound activity

American Society of Tropical Medicines and Hygiene Annual Meeting 2012 (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

Sykes- Identification of Inhibitors of T.cruzi Intracellular Amastigote Replication by in vitro Imaging Assays

Molecular Approches to Malaria Conference 2012 (Lorne, Victoria, Australia)

Duffy- Large Scale Production of Late StagePlasmodium falciparum Gametocytes

Advances in Prostate Cancer Research Conference 2012 (Orlando, Florida, USA)

Kiss- Regulation of the Chemokine Receptors CXCR7 and CXCR4 in 3D Culture Models of Prostate Cancer

Lorne Cancer Conference 2012 (Lorne, Victoria, Australia)

Shelper- Evaluating anticancer agents in a 3D pancreatic cancer cell culture model

Australian Society for Parasitology 2011 (Cairns, Queensland, Australia)

Sykes- Imaging of Trypanosoma cruzi infected 3T3 fibroblasts, developing a 384-well assay

Lorne Cancer Conference 2011 (Lorne, Victoria, Australia)

Shelper- Exploring morphology and drug targets in pancreatic cancer with 3D cell culture models

American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 2010 (Atlanta, USA)

Duffy- Malaria High Throughput Screening on a Global Scale